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This site is dedicated to those of you who will recognize the great symbols of American diner culture.  In addition to the frosty bottle of Coca-Cola, the warm, inviting shape of the classic Victor mug filled with hot, steaming coffee evokes an immediate memory of a happier time.  It is easy to drink from this creamy white porcelain mug because of its thick, round, smooth-lipped design.  The six ounces of coffee stay hot because of the superior construction.  Each genuine Victor coffee mug [Victor is imprinted on the bottom of each] weighs more than a pound and is made of the finest fired clay porcelain.  This excellent mug is virtually indestructible and remains the classic and easily recognized shape so sought after by collectors worldwide.

History will show that because of the Victor Insulator's simple, yet immensely functional design, the Victor mug was imitated into extinction.  Mr. Nelson McKee, a fourth generation company employee, now Sales Manager of Victor Insulators, Inc. stated "We made the decision to no longer manufacture coffee mugs when it became apparent that people would rather pay a low price for inferior quality than a fair price for superior quality."

In the 1980's, when Victor mugs were distributed by Buffalo China, I bought a case of the classic creamy white mugs to give away as house warming, wedding, and birthday presents.  My belief was that these Victor mugs would invite a sense of stability, permanence, and comfort.  Years later, as relationships split or the hazards of moving created losses, my friends would ask for replacements.  As life would have it, I ran out of my cherished collection.  I then scoured garage sales, restaurant and online auctions and flea markets to find the occasional, very used, but still intact Victor mug.  I recently contacted the manufacturer of the Victor mug, Victor Insulators, Inc. in business in Victor, New York to inquire if the company would consider reissuing the world's most favored mug.  With the help of Mr. Nelson McKee, their Sales Manager, I was able to acquire the last of the available inventory of the famous Victor mug.  The mugs I have purchased are "New Old Stock" that were manufactured in 1987 and have been stored in the company warehouse for the past twenty years.  They are, by far, the most unique find in all my years of collecting.

Now that I have replenished my stock, I am willing to offer the remainder to those aficionados who will appreciate the rewards of paying a fair price for superior quality.


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